As filmmakers grapple with the pandemic and life during lockdown, few filmmakers have created a work as artfully expressive as The Tsugua Diaries, Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes’ study of movie-making. Ahead of a theatrical release beginning on May 27 at Film at Lincoln Center, before expanding across the country, KimStim have now released a new trailer as well as a gorgeous poster.

Soham Gadre said in our TIFF review, “Throughout The Tsugua Diaries we see a still shot of two fruit that change color, initially rotting, then in the ripe stage, and then un-ripened. Finally, we see how it was actually picked from the tree. This contextualizes the film in a way that its characters and creators are self-aware of their project and choose to use the fruit as a means of documenting and reminding themselves of the passing of days. This is perhaps the most relatable depiction and examination of life under COVID seen thus far in cinema––where the contrast between our sense of time and our lives tethered to it have been completely upended, but nature continues its march undeterred and unaffected.”

See the trailer and poster below via The Playlist.

The Tsugua Diaries opens on May 27.

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