Though Netflix ruined our hopes for another David Lynch movie––perhaps too much to ask from the people behind Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver, now streaming™––the man more or less never stops creating. (When we did an interview he Zoomed from his woodworking office and showed off a lamp he was making.) Today we have our first Lynch track in some years, albeit in remix form––part and parcel of him once telling me he’s “a non-musician musician.”

For Mylène Farmer’s Remix XL album, out today, he’s stripped-down her 1999 track “Je te rends ton amour” to expose a fuzzy bass line, thrumming and slightly abrasive à la something from the Lost Highway or INLAND EMPIRE soundtracks. A small transmission from Lynchland that, if nothing else, shows his creative energies remain.

Listen below:

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