After the immense back-to-back reception of Before Midnight and Boyhood, Ricard Linklater hasn’t been stuck in a creative rut per se, with highlights such as Everybody Wants Some!! and Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood, but it’s safe to say he’s earned the most acclaim in quite some time with Hit Man. With the Glen Powell collaboration picked up by Netflix, hopefully the studio gives it more love than their last Linklater release. Now, the director has already revealed the first tidbits about his next project.

Speaking to Gregg Araki for Interview Magazine, Linklater has unveiled he’s planning to shoot a French-language film in Paris with French actors. “It’s like a New Wave film,” the director noted. Considering Linklater’s Antoine Doinel-esque cinematic experiment with Boyhood, not to mention how many of his films incorporate a fleet-footed formalness so synonymous with the French New Wave, it’s exciting to see him fully embrace such a project. In the interview, it’s also revealed Linklater and Ethan Hawke are working on another “secret” project, but no further details were given.

Luke Hicks said his review of Linklater’s latest, “What Hit Man lacks in technical craft, it compensates for in allure, the most organically sexy movie you’ll see this year. Almost too sexy at times (this is not a problem). As in: there’s no way you watch this with someone you’re into and get through more than 20 minutes without pausing or abandoning it for another night (or another; it might take a few tries). That’s one of the strengths in hiring two of the hottest people on the planet.”

While we await more details about Linklater’s next film, watch his recent NYFF61 Q&A below.

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