Between last week’s release of his under-the-radar documentary God Save Texas: Hometown Prison and the June release of his wildly entertaining crowdpleaser People. “Our work was cut out for us, as most of the photos we could find of Jean were in black and white — but we settled on a soft, golden blonde color that really captures Jean’s essence.”

While early word about Linklater’s film focused on the making of Breathless, it looks like his scope is more expansive as casting notices for Jean-Pierre Léaud around the time of François Truffaut’s The 400 Blows and for Martin Lassale around the time of Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket have popped up. Though the film is currently untitled, reports indicate it’ll be called Nouvelle Vague aka New Wave. With production getting underway, expect more casting news soon.

See photos of Deutch’s transformation below.

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