Vote of confidence, strike-related shakes, or some combination thereof? Whatever the case, us coastal elites have to wait two extra weeks for Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, which has moved from October 6 to October 20––like Chinese water torture on the one hand, and on the other a major coup for the film. Once planned as a limited release that leads to a splashy Apple TV+ streaming debut, it’s now poised to, per Variety, theatrically play “simultaneously around the globe.” Having grown up in a one-horse town with so few options for anything remotely outside the mainstream, it’s a comfort knowing Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio of all people aren’t becoming a speciality. One wonders if Oppenheimer nearing $1 billion gives Paramount hope for a 205-minute historical epic. Our Cannes review seems to think it’s worth the hubbub.

We might also quickly note that while “World of Reel” (what a name) continued their so-long streak of peddling abject nonsense by claiming a Telerama article on Flower Moon author David Grann “confirms” The Wager, his latest book and rumored Scorsese-DiCaprio reunion, would be the director’s next film, the original article says no such thing, but why ask compulsive liars (or the plainly illiterate, based on the prose regularly published there) to stay in line.

Paramount and Apple have also released two new posters for Flower Moon, showing DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and Lily Gladstone. Find them below:

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