While in many passages his finest work, Ari Aster’s Beau Is Afraid certainly wasn’t widely embraced as his previous films, but thankfully the results haven’t left him in director’s jail. A24 is reteaming with the director for his next feature, the long-rumored contemporary western Eddington, and as production begins in Albuquerque the main ensemble has been unveiled.

Set to star Joaquin Phoenix, Pedro Pascal, Emma Stone, Luke Grimes, Austin Butler, Deirdre O’Connell, Micheal Ward, and Clifton Collins Jr., here’s a synopsis Production Weekly shared some time ago: “A contemporary western set during the pandemic, described as a noir dark comedy ensemble piece set in a fictional copper mining town in New Mexico. While driving through New Mexico on their way to Los Angeles, Lindsay and Marc run out of gas just outside of the rural town of Eddington, New Mexico. When going into the town the couple are first greeted warmly however as night fall approaches the couple’s ideal vision of the quaint town soon turns into a nightmare.”

Cinematography comes courtesy of the legendary Darius Khondji, who most recently shot Mickey 17, Bardo, Armageddon Time, and Uncut Gems. Check out a brief peek below.

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