While our summer preview is around the corner, one of the major stand-outs is the latest film from Nicole Holofcener, You Hurt My Feelings. Featuring a reunion with Julia Louis-Dreyfus after Please Give, along with the ensemble of Tobias Menzies, Michaela Watkins, Arian Moayed, and Jeannie Berlin, the Sundance selection follows a novelist whose long-standing marriage is suddenly upended when she overhears her husband give his honest reaction to her latest book. Ahead of a wide Memorial Day weekend release from A24, the fist trailer has now arrived.

I said in my Sundance review, “In a landscape that has mostly lost its taste for comedy, every Nicole Holofcener film feels like a revelation. While she has more on her mind than just making audiences laugh, her gift for humor is undervalued, and her latest, You Hurt My Feelings, is as perceptive, insightful, and funny as her best work. The stakes may be considered low, but that is only in comparison to the ill-perceived notion that audiences need to be satiated with overcomplicated, heightened narratives that stretch beyond quotidian human issues. For these characters the stakes couldn’t be higher, and it’s refreshing to see a director examine the major emotional consequences of small but significant actions.”

See the trailer and poster below.

You Hurt My Feelings opens wide on May 26.

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