A decade after The Grandmaster, Wong Kar-wai is finally returning next year with his long-gestating new project Blossoms Shanghai. First produced as a TV series, with a movie version also in the works, the drama stars Hu Ge, Ma Yili, Tang Yan, and Xin Zhilei. Ahead of a 2023 release in China, a new trailer has now arrived.

Based on Jin Yucheng’s novel, the story of Blossoms follows three Shanghai residents from the early ’60s, at the end of China’s Cultural Revolution, and through the ’90s. “Blossoms would be the third part of In the Mood for Love and 2046,” the director previously said. The drama is written by award-winning Shanghainese screenwriter Qin Wen, and features visual supervision from Academy Award-winning cinematographer Peter Pau.

“Jin Yucheng’s landmark novel Blossoms has been the perfect backdrop to visualize and share my love for my birth city,” said Wong Kar-wai. “With the series, I would like to invite the audience to immerse in the intrigues of Shanghai and its inhabitants in the early 1990s, an exciting time that paved the way for the prosperity of modern Shanghai.”

See the new trailer (currently without English subtitles) and poster below.

Blossoms Shanghai will be released in 2023.

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