You no doubt recognize the above still—if you follow the what’s-what of independent film it’s probably been on your radar since January 2021, when We’re All Going to the World’s Fair made a major splash at Sundance. Almost exactly one year since is Jane Schoenbrun’s breakout horror feature emerging to the real world: Utopia will release it on April 15, and accordingly we have a full trailer.

Which does a sufficient job conveying the movie’s points of interests sans spoilers… but we might (well, do) suggest taking your interest in it and heading right to the theater without witnessing anything else. Need convincing? We named it one of the best 2022 films we’ve already seen, saying “Its deceptively simple plot description hides what a rich text exists within; an ambitious and haunting coming-of-age story that also happens to be one of the most loaded queer films in years.”

Watch the preview below and an animated poster via Indiewire:

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