Though likely shot before he gave literally the one Academy Awards speech worth anything on this godforsaken earth, we can submit his new Prada ad starring Scarlett Johansson as evidence that Jonathan Glazer––whatever that weird, genocide-denying Google Doc literally anyone could sign implies––will endure. His first work since The Zone of Interest and ten-years-on Under the Skin reunion fuses a Persona-like fixation on one of the world’s most famous faces with words from Macbeth and Antony and Cleopatra, the latter a text I assume nobody but unhappy, difficult people (hello) are reading nowadays.

This is ultimately a luxury-design ad that only takes 95 seconds to watch so let’s not waste any more breath, though––while you’re here––you’re welcome to read my interview with Zone of Interest DP Łukasz Żal for a closer look at the making of Glazer’s perplexing picture.

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