A selection at Telluride and TIFF last year, Christy Hall’s directorial debut Daddio follows Dakota Johnson’s character who picks up a cab at the JFK airport on her way home. Driving the cab is Sean Penn’s character and what unfurls is a feature-length conversation on pain, romance, and secrets. Originally conceived as a stage play, the film never quite escapes those trappings to deliver something truly cinematic, but it does provide a decent enough showcase for both actors. Ahead of June 28 release from Sony Classics, the trailer has now arrived.

Here’s the synopsis: “DADDIO celebrates the power found in those rare moments of pure human connection, even with an unlikely person. This highly contained, yet kinetic character-study — encapsulated in one single cab ride — explores the complexities inherent to the secrets we keep, particularly the ones locked away on our phones. It’s about truth and illusion, how we so effortlessly substitute one for the other out of survival. It’s about the hurtful memories of childhood, how past trauma can manifest itself in the most profound ways. It’s about the dance between the pain and poetry that is the human experience.”

See the trailer below.

Daddio opens on June 28.

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