MUBI Unveils January 2023 Lineup

Beyond the Black Rainbow

MUBI has announced its lineup of streaming offerings for next month, including a series on first films featuring David Cronenberg’s Stereo, Kelly Reichardt’s River of Grass, Jerzy Skolimowski’s Identification Marks: None, Fatih Akın’s Short Sharp Shock, Panos Cosmatos’ Beyond the Black Rainbow, and, with MUBI’s theatrical release of her new film Alcarràs, Carla Simón’s Summer 1993.

Additional highlights include Mathieu Amalric’s Hold Me Tight starring Vicky Krieps, Sundance favorites with films from Sean Baker, Lynn Shelton, Tom Noonan, and Andrew Bujalski, plus works from Nicolas Roeg, Claude Chabrol, and Aftersun director Charlotte Wells.

Check out the lineup below and get 30 days free here.

January 1 – Stereo, directed by David Cronenberg | First Films First
January 2 – Short Sharp Shock, directed by Fatih Akın | First Films First
January 3 – River of Grass, directed by Kelly Reichardt | First Films First
January 4 – Identification Marks: None, directed by Jerzy Skolimowski | First Films First
January 5 – Summer 1993, directed by Carla Simón | First Films First
January 6 – Beyond the Black Rainbow, directed by Panos Cosmatos | First Films First
January 7 – The Man Who Fell to Earth, directed by Nicolas Roeg
January 8 – Lady Macbeth, directed by William Oldroyd | Performers We Love
January 9 – The Case of Hana & Alice, directed by Shunji Iwai
January 10 – Madame Bovary, directed by Claude Chabrol | Claude Chabrol: A Double Bill
January 11 – The Flower of Evil, directed by Claude Chabrol | Claude Chabrol: A Double Bill
January 12 – Martin Margiela: In His Own Words, directed by Reiner Holzemer
January 13 – Hold Me Tight, directed by Mathieu Amalric | MUBI Spotlight
January 14 – The Party, directed by Sally Potter
January 15 – Sorry We Missed You, directed by Ken Loach
January 16 – The Mad Fox, directed by Tomu Uchida
January 18 – Actual People, directed by Kit Zauhar | MUBI Spotlight
January 19 – Results, directed by Andrew Bujalski | Festival Focus: Sundance
January 20 – City of Women, directed by Federico Fellini
January 21 – Tangerine, directed by Sean Baker | Festival Focus: Sundance
January 22 – Touchy Feely, directed by Lynn Shelton | Festival Focus: Sundance
January 23 – We Are Little Zombies, directed by Makoto Nagahisa | Festival Focus: Sundance
January 24 – These Birds Walk, directed by Bassam Tariq, Omar Mullick
January 25 – Becoming Male in the Middle Ages, directed by Pedro Neves Marques | Brief Encounters | Festival Focus: Rotterdam
January 26 – The Wolfpack, directed by Crystal Moselle | Festival Focus: Sundance
January 27 – What Happened Was…, directed by Tom Noonan Festival Focus: Sundance
January 28 – Diamantino, directed by Daniel Schmidt, Gabriel Abrantes
January 29 – A Bigger Splash, directed by Jack Hazan
January 30 – Human Position, directed by Anders Emblem | Festival Focus: Rotterdam
January 31 – Tuesday, directed by Charlotte Wells