After teaming for Jupiter Ascending in 2015, the Wachowski sisters split, with Lana Wachowski returning a few years ago for the severely underrated The Matrix Resurrections. At long last, Lilly Wachowski is now preparing to return to the world of filmmaking, announcing her first feature in a decade.

Lilly Wachowski will direct Trash Mountain, set to star comedian Caleb Hearon, Collider reports. Backed by Colin Trevorrow’s Metronome Film Co., the script was written by Hearon and Ruby Caster, and follows “a gay Chicago man in his 20s who must return to rural Missouri to deal with the death of his father — an obsessive hoarder who has left a house full of items, some valuable and some not so, to pick through.” Described as a “hilarious, warm, and emotional script,” it certainly sounds like exciting, different territory for Lilly Wachowski, known mostly for her genre outings.

“When my pal Caleb Hearon sent me Trash Mountain I leapt at the chance to direct it. So beautiful and sad and funny! Queer representation and stories are vital at this time as we are being shoved further into the margins. Our amazing writers, Caleb and Ruby are a shining light in all this dang darkness,” said Wachowski.”

While there’s no specific production timetable for when a shoot may begin, additional casting is currently underway, so hopefully we’ll get an update shortly. In the meantime, watch some stand-up from Hearon below.

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