Update: Speaking at the Doha Film Institute’s Qumra event in Qatar, Leos Carax confirmed It’s Not Me runs a swift and slim 40-or-so minutes. Per Deadline, he explained the project like so:

“It was supposed to be a 10 to 15-minute film. It was the first time that I edited anything myself without [Nelly Quettier]. Although I didn’t do the exhibit, I ended up making this film… it’s about 40 minutes. It’s so interesting to work alone. We did shoot for a good week with Denis [Lavant] but the rest of it is images from my archive and from other people and me with my iPhone.”

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Much as Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s new film Chime, soon to debut in Berlin, might not fulfill every wish for being only 45 minutes long, it’s perhaps time to adjust expectations––just slightly––around Leos Carax’s It’s Not Me. Though we’re deeply excited about a career-spanning film memoir, he recently told the Festival du Cine de Lima it’s an “essay” film that runs “under an hour.” Not quite what early reports suggested, but it’s best to trust the runtime comes with reason.

That said: we may be getting a new feature before long, at least faster than Carax’s every-eight-to-twelve-years pace. Speaking to AnOther Magazine, Juliette Binoche––collaborator on his early classics Mauvais Sang and Lovers on the Bridge––revealed Carax “has a new project with Adam Driver.” Which is about the deepest details go, though likely that’ll change soon; while it’s possible she’s referring to It’s Not Me, Binoche didn’t suggest as much. And if the new project’s coming to Cannes, one or two questions ought to be asked.

In the meantime, enjoy a recent talk Carax had at the Lisboa Film Festival:

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