Last month it was confirmed Tilda Swinton would be taking part in Pedro Almodóvar’s feature English-language debut after dabbling in the language with two shorts. Set to begin shooting this March in New York City and Madrid, we now have more cast members and new details on the film, titled The Room Next Door.

Julianne Moore and John Turturro have joined the project, which follows the story of a “very imperfect mother (Swinton) and a resentful daughter separated by a great misunderstanding. Between them, another woman, Ingrid (Julianne Moore), a friend of her mother, is the repository of both of their pain and bitterness. Martha, the mother, is a war reporter and Ingrid is an autofiction novelist,” according to Fotogramas.

In further details, the film will explore “the limitless cruelty of wars, about the very different ways in which the two writers approach and write about reality. It talks about death, friendship, and sexual pleasure as the best allies to fight against horror. And it also talks about the sweet awakening with the chirping of birds, in a house built in the middle of a nature reserve in New England, where the two friends live in an extreme and strangely sweet situation.”

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