In the six months since cinema lost its greatest pioneer, there has been much speculation as to the films Jean-Luc Godard left behind. Earlier this month there were reports that Funny Wars, a 20-minute short the French-Swiss director helmed before he passed, would premiere at Cannes Film Festival. While we’ll likely find out of that is indeed the case on April 13, when the lineup is unveiled, it certainly won’t be his last film.

In an interview with author Nicole Brenez, who has published a new book on Godard, she reveals to Critikat (via Jordan Cronk) that the director “planned, directed, and supervised several other [films]” before he passed. She noted the director’s close collaborators Fabrice Aragno and Jean-Paul Battaggia are “hard at work to finish them,” and revealed that beyond these films “we will also find many film treasures” from Godard.

Aside from Funny Wars, said to take “a collage-like approach that blended fragments of images and text,” which should be familiar to anyone who has seen Godard’s later work, he was also working on Scenario, a short we’d heard would screen “more in a classic video style with some Super-8 images, not with 35mm.” As for the other projects and at what stage of completion they were in, only time will tell, but it’s exciting to know there are more cinematic wonders from the late, legendary director to come.

As we await more details, check out a great 1972 interview with the director below and watch his recently unearthed Nike ad here.

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