Never one to be boxed into a corner, Jacques Audiard is following up his Palme d’Or-winning Dheepan and his English-language debut, the western The Sisters Brothers, with Paris, 13th District, a black-and-white tale of young love between four individuals. Scripted by Audiard, Léa Mysius, and Céline Sciamma, based on Adrian Tomine’s short stories, the Cannes premiere will now arrive in theaters next month and the new trailer has debuted via IFC Films.

Luke Hicks said in his review, “Audiard’s career-spanning desire to jump from story to story has landed him some new, noteworthy co-writers. The wandering narrative was penned by Léa Mysius, Portrait of a Lady on Fire writer-director Céline Sciamma, and Audiard himself. It’s an interwoven adaptation of three black-and-white Adrian Tomine short stories––“Amber Sweet,” “Summer Blonde,” and “Hawaiian Getaway”––from his graphic novel collection Killing and Dying (pulled from his popular New Yorker cartoon series, Optic Nerve). It’s like Robert Altman quilting Raymond Carver material to make Short Cuts but with disenchanted young professionals on the outskirts of modern-day Paris and far fewer stories. (And not one of the best movies ever made.) It’s a new, zestful, nonchalant, ultimately underwhelming flavor of Audiard.”

See the trailer below.

Paris, 13th District opens on April 15, 2022.

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