After getting his start with Terrence Malick on the editing team for The New World, Knight of Cups, and Song to Song, A.J. Edwards has proven to be a formidable writer-director in his own right. Following The Better Angels and Age Out, his third feature, First Love, will now arrive in theaters and on VOD on June 17 and the first trailer has debuted. Starring Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Diane Kruger, Jeffrey Donovan, and Sydney Park, the film features new original music by Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry.

The story follows Jim (Fiennes Tiffin), a senior in high school experiencing the highs and lows of his first love with Ann (Park) as they navigate their pending departure to college. At the same time, Jim’s parents (Kruger and Donovan) are dealing with the familial fallout of a financial crisis. Cinematography is courtesy of Jeff Bierman, who worked with Edwards on Age Out and also shot Emily the Criminal.

See the trailer below along with the poster designed by Alice Cline.

First Love opens in theaters and on VOD on June 17.

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