Rarely do we make note of single-digit seconds’ footage, but when it’s two films that ranked among our 50 most-anticipated films of 2024––one landing very high on that list––exceptions can be made. Just to say Bleecker Street Films have posted a celebration of their 10-year anniversary that includes previews of this year’s slate––among which are Guy Maddin’s Rumours, starring Cate Blanchett and Alicia Vikander, and Mike Leigh’s Hard Truths, starring Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

We’ve already learned the former concerns “the seven leaders of the world’s wealthiest liberal democracies at the annual G7 summit after they become lost in the woods and face increasing peril while attempting to draft a provisional statement regarding a global crisis”; from the latter we’ve only seen a single image, and still have no notable updates. However, with Cannes’ lineup announced in a matter of days, we may have far more on both in due time.

Scroll to 1:40 for Maddin, 2:03 for Leigh:

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