After years of rumors, confirmations, production, post-production, waiting for release news, a Cannes premiere, and two-week theatrical delay, we might abstain from watching any more of Killers of the Flower Moon before its (IMAX) opening on October 20. Apple and Paramount, however, would perhaps like to recoup the $200 million (minimum) they’ve spent and are accordingly marketing Martin Scorsese’s latest forwards and backwards, today releasing a “final trailer” (though no harm and no foul if something else falls from their pockets).

As is, we have it on good authority the movie’s great. (I’m also happy to use the photo of Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio in those huge fucking hats.) As Luke Hicks said in his review, “Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of Killers of the Flower Moon makes no mistake about who is at the center of its tragedy: the Osage Nation. Shot primarily on location on the reservation in Oklahoma, the film opens and closes with Osage ceremonies, one mourning death and the other celebrating life, in that order. The story in-between, however, takes the opposite arc, tracing some of Scorsese’s most memorable characters through a period of gut-wrenching prosperity that was always bound to rot.”

Find the preview below:

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