If Ryûsuke Hamaguchi satiated your appetite for Japanese triptychs with the best film of last year, and you are now seeking more to devour, look no further. Kôta Yoshida’s Fantasia Fest favorite Sexual Drive, which offers a compact, 70-minute compendium of three stories involving food and sex, will now be arriving digitally on April 22 via Film Movement. Ahead of the debut, we’re delighted to premiere the exclusive trailer.

Led by Manami Hashimoto, Ryô Ikeda, Mukau Nakamura, Honami Satô, Tateto Serizawa, Shogen, and Rina Takeda, Sexual Drive is an unconventional triptych––equal parts thriller, sex comedy, and gastronomy––following the seemingly unconnected lives of three people around Japan and their appetites, both culinary and carnal. In the first story, designer Enatsu worries about his sexless marriage. Next, office worker Akane is recovering from driving-induced panic attacks. In the final third, elite advertising agent Ikeyama wants to end a relationship with his lover. Connecting all three is a shabby man who calls himself Kurita. He appears and presents each with a secret. Both suspicious and revolting, Kurita gradually reveals to each deep, mouth-watering truths regarding their sexual drive…

See the exclusive trailer below.

Sexual Drive opens on April 22 in Virtual Cinemas and on VOD.

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