Last fall, we were remarking how prolific Zhang Yimou’s recent streak has been, embarking on production on his fifth film in just two years. The only question was when we would start to see this work arrive in the United States. Thankfully, one is coming our way this month with Cliff Walkers, formerly titled Impasse. Starring Zhang Yi, Yu Hewei, Qin Hailu, and Zhu Yawen, CMC Pictures has unveiled the new trailer ahead of a theatrical release in the U.S. and internationally on April 30.

Based on the script by Quan Yongxian, the film marks Zhang Yimou’s first foray into the spy genre. Set the puppet state of Manchukuo in the 1930s, the film follows four Communist party special agents who return to China after receiving training in the Soviet Union. Together, they embark on a secret mission code-named “Utrennya.” After being sold out by a traitor, the team find themselves surrounded by threats on all sides from the moment they parachute into the mission. Will the agents break the impasse and complete their mission? On the snowy grounds of Manchukuo, the team will be tested to their limit.

Watch the new trailer below.

Cliff Walkers opens on April 30 in theaters in North America and internationally.

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